Instructions for SMS SERVICE for all betting players who wants to recive football tip of the day
first step: find your COUNTRY in the table below
second step: get your mobile phone and start to write SMS message with big letters, first write prefix for your country (FOR, TXT10, TXT, PAY20, TAP, FOR10, CHAT,DAG) , then enter empty space and last write keyword (TIP55). Keyword is one word without empty spaces.
third step: enter NUMBER for your country and send message
fourth step: after short time we will send SMS message with football tip of the day
ALB TXT TIP55 54345 120.00 ALL
AUT TXT10 TIP55 0900330300 10.00 EUR 
BEL TXT TIP55 6486 2.00 EUR 
BIH TXT TIP55 091910706 3.51 BAM
BGR TXT TIP55 18433 6.00 BGN
CYP TXT TIP55 7500 4.07 EUR
CZE FOR TIP55 90309 99.00 CZK 
DNK TXT TIP55 1999 50.00  DKK
EST TXT TIP55 13017 3.20 EUR
FIN TXT5 TIP55 17162 5.00 EUR
FRA TXT TIP55 83737 3.99 EUR
GEO TAP TIP55 93338 4.99 GEL
DEU FOR4 TIP55 89000 3.99 EUR
GRC TXT TIP55 54345 4.08 EUR
HUN TXT TIP55 0690888425 2 032.00 HUF
KOS TXT TIP55 55050 1.00 EUR
LVA TXT TIP55 1897 4.98 EUR
LTU TXT TIP55 1337 4.34 EUR
LUX TXT TIP55 64800 3.00 EUR
MKD TAP TIP55 141951 106.20 MKD
MNE TXT TIP55 14884 3.20 EUR
NLD JMA TIP55 3555 4.00 EUR
NOR TXT TIP55 2198 50.00 NOK
POL TXT TIP55 7968 11.07 PLN
PRT TXT TIP55 68638 4.00 EUR
SRB 200 BETPICK 4644 240.00 RSD
SVK TXT TIP55 7774 1.60 EUR
SVN TXT TIP55 3838 1.99 EUR
ESP TXT TIP55 35099 4.17 EUR
SWE TXT TIP55 72401 200.00 SEK
CHE DAG TIP55 565 3.00 CHF


All players who arent from counties in the table and want to get our matches, they should get one of our subscriptions packets and we will send matches on email.  First you should make choice from our subscription packets. Second choice payment method between: skrill, neteller, western union, payoneer, paysafecard or credit card. Third write us on our email. After payment we will start with cooperations and we will send our matches on your email.

our email is: contact@zulubet.tips