Instructions for SMS SERVICE for all betting players who wants to recive football tip of the day
first step: find your COUNTRY in the table below
second step: get your mobile phone and start to write SMS message with big letters, first write prefix for your country (FOR, TXT10, TXT, PAY20, TAP, FOR10, CHAT,DAG) , then enter empty space and last write keyword (TIP55). Keyword is one word without empty spaces.
third step: enter NUMBER for your country and send message
fourth step: after short time we will send SMS message with football tip of the day
ALBTXT TIP5554345120.00 ALL
AUTTXT10 TIP55090033030010.00 EUR 
BELTXT TIP5564862.00 EUR 
BIHTXT TIP550919107063.51 BAM
BGRTXT TIP55184336.00 BGN
CYPTXT TIP5575004.07 EUR
CZEFOR TIP559030999.00 CZK 
DNKTXT TIP55199950.00  DKK
ESTTXT TIP55130173.20 EUR
FINTXT5 TIP55171625.00 EUR
FRATXT TIP55837373.99 EUR
GEOTAP TIP55933384.99 GEL
DEUFOR4 TIP55890003.99 EUR
GRCTXT TIP55543454.08 EUR
HUNTXT TIP5506908884252 032.00 HUF
KOSTXT TIP55550501.00 EUR
LVATXT TIP5518974.98 EUR
LTUTXT TIP5513374.34 EUR
LUXTXT TIP55648003.00 EUR
MKDTAP TIP55141951106.20 MKD
MNETXT TIP55148843.20 EUR
NLDJMA TIP5535554.00 EUR
NORTXT TIP55219850.00 NOK
POLTXT TIP55796811.07 PLN
PRTTXT TIP55686384.00 EUR
SRB200 BETPICK4644240.00 RSD
SVKTXT TIP5577741.60 EUR
SVNTXT TIP5538381.99 EUR
ESPTXT TIP55350994.17 EUR
SWETXT TIP5572401200.00 SEK


All players who arent from counties in the table and want to get our matches, they should get one of our subscriptions packets and we will send matches on email.  First you should make choice from our subscription packets. Second choice payment method between: skrill, neteller, western union, payoneer, paysafecard or credit card. Third write us on our email. After payment we will start with cooperations and we will send our matches on your email.

our email is: contact@zulubet.tips